Scandinavia is well known for timeless design
We are an agency based in Norway, Scandinavia

We creates value for our clients by designing strong identities and targeted campaigns.

COVID – 19 – How do we cope?

Snitt Advertising agency is a small and agile business. We can move really quickly, be flexible and change. Having said that, working remotely is actually the way we’re built. Norway´s topograhy with mountain and fjords makes travel, even between to neighbour cities, time consuming. And having all agency operations in the cloud makes disruption like COVID – 19 more manageable. All things considered we are still available to do the work because that’s the way we’re built. We will be able to weather the storm.


Brand and identity design

  • Logo design
  • Graphic design
  • Packaging design

Marketing and campaigns

  • Digital Strategy & Social Media
  • Online Marketing & SEO
  • Email Marketing

Web Development

  • Web design and build
  • E-commerce

Contact one of us

Feel free to contact one of our agency employees, we are all english speaking. Snitt Advertising Agency are happy to help and we appreciate that you will take the time to ask us for anything related to our work or field of expertise.

In our eyes a great agency is not a general contractor. A great agency is an extension of your company. A great agency is your favorite colleague!

Kunderådgiver og reklamekonsulent

Tor Stian Ramsøy

Tor Stian have participated and led 100’s of design-projects the last 20+ years. He has held a variety of manager roles in creative design teams such as Project Manager in Prinfo Communications Group (PCG), the largest Independent Advertising Agency group in Scandinavia. Also Co-founder of a few businesses with over 10 years of experience with business development, strategy and prosess management. Currently leading Snitt Advertising Agency as Creative Director and Communications Consultant for all key clients.


  • Communications Consultant
  • Art Direction, Branding & Corporate Identity
  • Marketing in general, Digital marketing in particular
  • People skills
  • Languages: Norwegian, English, Latvian and German
Hjan Robert Korneliussen - Snitt Reklamebyrå Bergen

Hjan R. Korneliussen

Art director / Designer

Phone: 924 24 527

Helene B. Holmås

Art director / Digital advertiser

Phone: 915 58 919

Designer i Snitt Reklamebyrå Martha Humlevik Rosenlund

Martha H. Rosenlund

Designer / UI UX specialist

Phone: 959 64 630‬

Snitt Reklamebyrå
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Our offices are located in Bergen and Voss, but our agency are more than happy to book a flight for international meetings. In addition, we are also available for video conferencing.
Office address Bergen: Strandgaten 9, 5004 Bergen. Office address Voss: Hadlingen 1, Kyte.